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Customer testimonials

Marguerite Fevrier. July 2018 (Model P1 Power Amplifier)

"When I first saw the AKV Acoustics Model P1 amplifier, it is striking how incredible and sleek the design is, leaving you with a feeling of pure class and style to display in your own home. The power switch has an eloquent soft white LED light that creates a beautiful halo around the power button to indicate 'power on'. With only a gentle push the amp is powered on... I had it connected to my Focal Aria 906 speakers in my living room (around 4m x 4m with a 2.4m high ceiling), and my mind was blown away! For the first time I felt that an amp had done my Focals justice. It brought to the forefront sound that cut straight through into what the artist intended when recording, filling the air around and above you with sound you can touch and feel. The transparency and clarity is frightening and at the same time thrilling because of the purity the P1 produces. I have tested a wide range of genres and was impressed at how the P1 handled bass and treble incredibly well and controlled. Vocals are a treat! You could hear the movement in the artist’s voice and lips and how they turn every breath into music. Model P1 manages to create transparency and clarity yet staying musical all the way through. Both high and low volume listening thrive on the P1. Before I was powering my Focals with the Audiolab 6000a; the difference was night and day. Audiolab felt as though it muffled the sound and blended the entire frequency range into one hazy cloud of sound. Sounds were distant on Audiolab and left you with a feeling of 'background' music playing that you would talk over. The P1 grabs your attention and draws you in so that you want to be part of the stage and musical performance. A proper toe-tapping experience! Needless to say, I purchased the AKV Acoustics Model P1 in a flash!"